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Child of Sand and Water is a heartfelt story of overcoming tremendous adversity. As the Lost Boys ran across the African desert to escape rebels they began a journey that challenged individual, family, and global values, and became a legend that will be passed down through the ages. The hope that prevailed inspired, and will continue to inspire, all who are touched by it. Against all odds, the two young men in Child of Sand and Water have begun to change the world in which they lived.

This book is most appropriate for ages 4-11, but, by its very nature, it encourages multi-generational involvement and discussion

All profits from copies of Child of Sand and Water sold on this website will go exclusively to Building Minds in Sudan.



Child of Sand and Water captures the heartbreak of … Africa while offering hope and joy in the resilience of a Lost Boy of Sudan. Water is life. Diane King brings that message home to children of all ages with a simple yet moving story of the life and work of Salva Dut in Child of Sand and Water…
I see the pain and suffering every day in Kenya and Tanzania caused by unclean water collected from dirty streams and puddles and the tortuously long walks by women carrying heavy containers for miles and miles.  Child of Sand and Water is a wonderful vehicle for children to begin an awareness of the life that 2/3rds of the world experiences.  It offers us an appreciation for what we have here in the United States and prepares children of means to become future agents of social justice.
Bill Cala: Founder of Joining Hearts and Hands, a school building project in East Africa, former Acting Superintendent of the Rochester NY City School District, and former Superintendent of Fairport Public Schools

This book, Child of Sand and Water, really made me think. The Lost Boys left their homes, their families, and basically everything they knew… Salva and Sebastian were able to go on with their lives, become successful, and even help in Africa… I don’t think I would have had enough courage  to do what the Lost Boys did. It is almost unbelievable that Sebastian and Salva were able to turn their terrible situation into great chances to do good with their programs, Water for Sudan and Building Minds in Sudan.
Emily Folan: Fifth Grade Student

As one of the co-authors of the new 5th edition of Grandloving: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren and a grandma to seven, I’m always on the lookout for good books for children.  Diane King’s Child of Sand and Water is a story with a purpose. Told in a simple language for young children, it speaks of hope, of the will to overcome difficult challenges, and of the success of two young boys who come to the United States and grow up to help provide water and education to those in their home country of Sudan.  It is a heartfelt story, and all profits from the book will be donated to continue this important endeavor. What greater gift to give your children than the knowledge that giving to others in need is the greatest gift of all!! Sue Johnson, Author of Grandloving

Reading and sharing Diane’s book, Child of Sand and Water, with elementary students provided us with a wealth of topic discussions. Following Salva through his jourBillney helped us get to a new understanding of bravery, fortitude, surviving difficult times, overcoming difficulties, outreach and “giving back.” We learned that the water and education we use and experience every day, are not a “given” in Southern Sudan (or other areas of the world.) In a word, reading and sharing  Child of Sand and Water taught us to be humbleSusan Reindel, Second Grade Teacher, Brooks Hill School, Fairport, NY