Standing On The Word Of Adonai – Book CD Bundle


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Choose one book and one CD for this bundle. Thank you for purchasing the music of Charles Moorer. A portion of your purchase helps the efforts of Charles Moorer in providing food through the Feed My Sheep Food Pantry Ministry to those in need, and his goal of assisting families battling with sickle cell disease. These charity efforts are very near and dear to the heart of Charles. Thank you over and over!!


How can I remain strong, for my wife and daughter, for my congregation, and for myself? How can I continue to live…to give…to serve, when my heart is broken and filled with pain? I encourage you, no matter your faith, to keep an open mind as you read these pages, so that you may understand the power of Adonai’s Word and why you can trust it, lean on it, and know that you are loved, no matter what is or will take place in your temporary life here on earth. Adonai’s Word can be trusted and it is proven. Therefore, it is a solid foundation to rest on. Adonai’s Word never changes, never deserts, and never wavers. It always was, always will be, and there is nothing in the human experience that negates or diminishes it. As you read this book, you will come to see that not giving up has a whole new meaning for me, as the unthinkable has happened. I hope that you, too, no matter what you’re going through, can find peace and comfort in the “Word of Adonai.”