Sweet & Sexy (Compilation) – CD 27 SONGS!!


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Sweet and Sexy is an aptly named 27 track/2+ hour compilation album of the best and most inviting, romantic, mellow, and sensuous songs from the extensive catalog of award-winning hornmeister (flugelhorn, flute, trumpet, etc) Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. Also featured are Michael Bublé, Marc Antoine, Paul Brown, Jeff Lorber, and more.

Gabriel has mad skills when it comes to impassioned wind instrument performances. He takes on the jazz world and all its factions including smooth jazz, mainstream jazz, new age, and New Orleans style jazz, and always shares a bit of his soul in every note. Sweet and Sexy is a value-packed compilation of the absolute smoothest songs from his baker’s dozen of album releases.

This is the perfect accompaniment to date night, cocktail hour, dinner with friends, sunset on the lanai, alone-time with a glass of wine, or the bedroom.

This project is a pleasing mix of vocals and instrumentals designed to envelope you like a soft cloud, and brighten your mood and passions….. a two-hour compilation at a greatly reduced price per track, that will keep the fires burning ….