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J-Town Beat, marks the 19th recording by the Grammy-nominated group, Hiroshima. With numerous gold records and nearing four million in world-wide record sales, this truly unique American ensemble embarks on a musical journey filled with colorful rhythms and melodies that evoke jazz, blues, R&B, Latin, pop—and their trademark blend of east and west.


“J-Town refers to Japan Town USA,” notes leader Dan Kuramoto, “it’s a microcosm of all the multi-cultural communities that make America the most diverse country in the world, and how better to reflect that than in music?”


Opening with “RED BUDDHA,” an exotic romp through Japanese Obon festivals, electronic drums and pop, it’s filled with celebration and fun. “LOST IN PROVENCE” is a catchy ‘road trip’ samba with a story all its own. “STATE OF MIND” is a sophisticated turn recalling the fusion of jazz and R&B. “DA KITCHEN” is funk and soul with a Hiroshima spin, and “LADY OF MYSTERY”– June, of course– is pure exotica. “KIMOCHI” (feeling) is a haunting, sensual mood piece and “MEIJI MAMBO” is a funky, tongue-in-cheek rocker with a wild ending. DAYS GONE BY is a moving vocal ballad composed and sung by Terry Steele, of ‘Here and Now’ fame.  “AFTERNOON KOTO” is June weaving her koto magic in a beautiful tone poem. “CRUISIN J-TOWN” not only relates to the CD title, but is a ‘cooking’ latin-rock re-make of a song from Hiroshima’s 2nd record, Obon.  Finally, the powerfully emotional, “TO SAY GOODBYE,” is a beautiful treatise destined to become a Hiroshima ‘classic.’



June Kuramoto – koto

Dan Kuramoto – sax/flute/shakuhachi/keyboards/percussion

Kimo Cornwell – piano/keyboards/synthesizers

Danny Yamamoto – drums/percussion

Dean Cortez – bass

J-TOWN BEAT produced by Dan Kuramoto with June Kuramoto and Kimo Cornwell