Gabriel Katona infuses his artistry with his passion for music and life. Gabe’s
contemporary Latin jazz album “Reflections Reflexiones” is an example of that! To
compose the instrumentals of “Reflections Reflexiones”, he drew upon his experiences
taking him from Miami to Los Angeles and the influences of Latin and jazz music along
the way. The first track “The Last Rainforest” immediately pulls you in with the first hits of
the percussion. The track builds the Latin vibe with the bass grooves and Gabe’s
overdrive Hammond organ until joined with an electric guitar bending tones `a la
Santana. The second track “Media” is a complex jazz arrangement of Gabe’s artistry on
the Hammond and electric piano juxtaposed with horns, bass and electric guitar. The
Latin allure continues in his compositions for this album with vivid harmonic colors, a
play on Latin rhythms and rich instrumentation. In fact, “Celestial Nocturne” and
“Reflections” treat the listener to cello parts.

Gabe’s diverse career crosses a variety of genres in his work with many artists, film and television projects.  He produced the Warner Latin artist “Jose Maria Lobo” and Latin group “Ganem”.  Gabe’s credits include touring and recording his keyboard work on four of Rick Springfield’s platinum albums and the gold single, “Jessie’s Girl”. As a member of Rare Earth, he co-wrote two of their Billboard charting songs, recorded and toured. He was regularly called to play keys in LA music sessions, including for artists such as Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, The Temptations, Jackson 5 and Richie Furay and for legendary artists Redbone, Player, Climax Blues Band and Motown artists. That’s Gabe driving the groove with his clavinet on the Jacksons’ “Dancing Machine”. Gabe played keyboards and saxophone for three years with Starship as they performed across the U.S, Canada and Japan. He performed on some of Starship’s recordings from live concerts and appeared in some of the videos. As a solo artist, Gabe was inspired to blend his Latin, jazz and R&B experiences and influences to create his melodic and intriguing contemporary Latin jazz album “Reflections Reflexiones”. This album will bring a refreshing new perspective to your music collection!