Wilhelm Wurm – 120 Etudes for Trumpet (edited by Michael Sachs)


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Wilhelm Wurm was one of the most important influences on the evolution of cornet/trumpet playing and teaching in the second half of the nineteenth century. Initially this collection of 120 etudes was in three separate books: 60 Etudes for Cornet á Piston or Trumpet, 40 Etudes for Cornet á Piston or Trumpet, and 20 Difficult Studies for Cornet á Piston or Trumpet (renamed here as 20 Advanced Studies for Cornet á Piston or Trumpet). Wurm adapted some of these etudes from existing studies, utilizing excerpts from Georg Kopprasch’s 60 Etudes for High Horn, Op.5 and 60 Etudes for Low Horn, Op. 6, Franz Wilhelm Ferling’s 48 Etudes for Oboe, Op. 31 and 18 Studies for Oboe, Op. 12, as well as Ernst Sachse’s 100 Etudes for Trumpet, in addition to using his own compositions in this collection. Wurm even borrowed from himself, using virtually the exact same notes for Etudes No. 2 and No. 34 in all but the last fifteen and five measures, respectively. Many of the etudes in this collection can also be used as transposition studies. Sachs has included suggested dynamics in his edition, while also encouraging exploration of tone color, style, note length, and character variations within the etudes. This collection serves as an indispensable tool for developing trumpet players, perfect for technical work in the studio and at home.