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The grande dame of Cuban music has returned to the studio to recreate her first ever record, over half a century after its original 1958 recording, when she was twenty five and still part of the famous Cuarteto d’ Aida.

This emotive album bears magnificent testimony to history, the singer and last surviving member of the legendary Buena Vista Social Club conjuring up a playful hall of mirrors, the exuberance of the jazz big bands and the eternal melodies of popular song.

Magia Negra. Omara Portuondo. World Village [WVF 479098]
1. Magia Negra 3:33
2. No Puedo Ser Feliz 3:47
3. Besame Mucho 4:39
4. Noche Cubana 2:51
5. Que Emocion 3:05
6. Oguere 4:17
7. Ya No Me Quieres 4:21
8. Adios 3:11
9. El Hombre Que Se Fue 2:38
10. Llanto De Luna 3:50
11. Caravana 4:15
12. No Hagas Caso 3:48