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White was new to contemporary jazz when he released this first recording of his solo career, but his sweet, classical guitar stylings had been sprucing up the work of Al Stewart since the mid-’70s. The man who co-wrote “Time Passages” and sweetened Basia’s first two albums with his distinctive string lines entered the pop instrumental field with charming, smooth and melodic songs that launched one of smooth jazz’s most prolific and big selling careers. While most of the disc is mellow and soothing, tunes like the rousing, percussive “Festival” and the synth driven “Danny Bianco” (which will remind listeners of Basia’s “Run for Cover,” and is dedicated to White’s brother Danny, Basia’s partner) will reveillez-vous (wake up) anyone who forgot to groove during the first few songs. While parts of tunes like the title track get a bit repetitive in spots, White’s fluid passions on gems like “If Only for You” and the midtempo “Crazy Feeling” more than compensate. There’s also an above average vocal by Windows’ Skipper Wise on “Play Your Guitar for Me,” some very inventive production and a tender solo instrumental reading of Buddy Holly’s classic “Everyday.” Dave Camp’s flute adds a touch of whimsy to the proceedings. When first hearing this release, you might predict a long and rewarding career in the genre, and this was borne out by numerous classics to follow.