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Pieces of a Dream have been around for a long time and so has this reviewer. My exposure to POAD goes back to their beginnings. As an avid listener to Temple University’s WRTI-FM in Philadelphia and frequent visitor to the Philadelphia jazz scene, what a road it’s been. Finally, when I thought I’d see a “No Outlet” sign around the corner, it came to this … I jumped off the airwaves and down to the reality of an honest to goodness purchase of one of the best CDs in smooth jazz. Fact is the album consists of fourteen tracks with a total time of one hour and seven minutes and the listener gets his or her money’s worth. Here’s where it really gets good… the first time I heard a demo of this entire album, across the store aisle was the object of my desire. One listen and she could see I was hooked … to the album. Curtis Harmon, steady and soulful on drums, and James Lloyd, a creative talent with a distinctive touch on keyboards, have released, with “Love’s Silhouette,” one of their best ever albums. The chemistry that these two stellar groovologists and the band generated was instantly electric as I absorbed the songs.