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If you are a fan of Pieces of A Dream…this c.d. is a MUST-have! I like to say that this album has a more mature jazz sound infused with a little R&B in all the right places when compared with previous c.d.s by the group. My personal favorites are “Sincere” and “Those 3 Words” featuring Ramona Dunlap on the lead vocal (she has such a soul-stirring, captivating sound) . “Sincere” will truly have you spellbound and mesmerized with its sweet,soft,smooth rhythms and tones as well as sensual vocals. There is an equal balance of upbeat, head-boppin’ songs and sensually mellow songs. It’s truly been difficult to listen to any other jazz c.d. since purchasing this one. Once again, you can’t be a true Pieces of A Dream fan without this c.d…you won’t regret purchasing it.