Wind Dance Digital Album Download



Bangladesh born Jazz guitarist Reza Khan has already released the albums Painted Diaries (2008), A Simple Plan (2011) and The Dreamwalker (2013). His new project is entitled Wind Dance (2016). His new album features saxophonist Andy Snitzer, trumpeter Rick Braun, bassists Mark Egan and Gary Granger, guitarists Miles Gilderdale and Marc Antoine, saxophonist/flutist Nelson Rangell, drummer Greg Granger and keyboardist Philippe Saisse. In addition perform members of his longtime live band, bassist Ray Dienneman, saxophonist Nigel Innes, drummer Bill Donnelly and guitarist Brian Taylor. Furthermore drummers Graham Hawthorn and Sean Dixon, bassist Paul Frazier, and percussionist Davi Vieira. The album starts with the smoky Ride inspired by the rock fusion sound of the Rippingtons. The song lives by Andy Snitzer’s sonic heartbeat and Reza’s emotionally charged and furious guitar play. Wind Dance brings the fresh air of Western grazing areas with an actual view on the endless breadth of a landscape. Guitarist Miles Gilderdale (Acoustic Alchemy) and pianist Philippe Saisse provide essential contributions to the creation of magic. Overdrive presents based on a pointed rhythm a staccato of modern keyboard sounds contrasting with the smooth acoustic guitar. The swaying The Other Side includes various moods from the dark menacing impression of Mark Egan’s bass to Khan’s uplifting shining guitar and Saisse’s sparkling piano touches. Sunset Highway mingles Spanish Flamenco rhythms with West coast guitar sound. The Samba based piece Stolen Time does convey a thoughtful mood underlined by strings and muted trumpet in a sustained pose. Villa Rosa features an enthralling duet of Reza and Marc Antoine on guitars, a fresh and steady chirping of flutist Nelson Rangell responded by Saisse on synthesizer mixed up by a remarkable rhythm work of drummer Graham Hawthorn and percussionist Davi Vieira. So It’s You gives the necessary space for romance with an inner beauty which is not obtrusive. Rangell’s flute is the instrumental messenger together with Reza on guitar. Starting with seagulls and ocean waves Bayside Groove warms up eclectic guitars with Miles Gilderdale and Reza Khan citing some Steve Miller Band chords. December unites guitar, jingling sleigh bells and Parisian accordion sound to a winter time flavor. Bridge of Angels is splicing exotic world music on sax with Spanish flavored guitar sound to a jazzy mixed. East Bound is a destination. Depending on its own site, the term comes to have different meanings. It attracts musicians of all genres to own imagination. In the concrete case it’s so named for its hypnotic sitar touches. When the diffused light is shimmering from the sky during the early evening or early morning and the sun is below the horizon and its light is refracted by the earth’s atmosphere. That is the time of Twilight Dream. The time of mystery and the unforeseeable. Ride Home is the final reflection about Reza’s musical expressive character. With Mark Egan’s physically perceptible profound bass, Davi Vieira’s mysterious percussion and Philippe Saisse’s edgy keyboard chemistry Reza creates the soundtrack of his life. Reza Khan’s advice for all smooth jazz musicians is to be more innovative and less stereotypical. He lives up this principle on his own album making it to an unique sound experience.