Happy Times 3 CD


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The repertoire is a gourmet selection of timeless melodies – vocals and instrumentals in Swing, Bolero, Country & Western and Honky Tonk modes with ol’ time calypso jam sessions rippling with endless Nostalgia. Tico Tico, C’est si Bon, Bewitched Bothered & Bewildered, Danny Boy, and Blue Bayou fit cosily into Germaine’s sixteen-track, concert-length eclectic brew that also includes six tantalising medleys. Trini hits of yesteryear – The Mighty Terror’s The Monkey and Lord Kitchener’s Ol’ Lady blend harmoniously with one of the world’s great Calypso bards, Andrew ‘Lord Superior’ Marcano’s rendition of an original entitled Charming Trinidad.

Executive producer Germaine Scott has deemed that the proceeds from sales of this product will be used exclusively for charitable and educational initiatives.