This CD was started by My Dad and I prior to his stroke. We had completed a few songs and the rest of the project I produced as a tribute to him. Together we had completed The Grass Is Greener with Mavis Staples singing, Groove Juice featuring Vernon Black on guitar, Vince Littleton on drums, Ron Stallings on Sax and of course my Dad Merl Saunders on Keyboards with Tony Saunders on bass. I was able to find a track that he did with Bonnie Raitt “Built For Comfort”. The Rest of the CD has his friends and even a track called Music Man that features Huey Lewis and Jeanie Tracy singing a duet, Ray Chew on Piano, Norton Buffallo on Harp. The CD Starts out with a Quartet song With Ed Nuemister on Trombone, Carl Lockett on Guitar, Ronnie Beck on Drums and Merl Saunders on B-3.