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Experimental, but full of charm and great melodies, jazz from the early 1970s. Michał Urbaniak recorded this album shortly after he won the first prize at the prestigious international festival in Swiss Montreux! And 20 years later, the same songs sampled … A Tribe Called Quest !!!

Michał Urbaniak, Urszula Dudziak, Adam Makowicz, Czesław “Mały” Bartkowski and Roman Dyląg is a band which in 1971 left Poland and started a long tour around Europe. Contact with the new environment meant that the musicians quickly abandoned the jazz mainstream, became interested in experiments, the free and fusion trend. “Inactin ‘” is the result of ambitious, youthful fascinations – fun form, rhythm, possibilities of instruments … and by far the best album recorded by Polish jazz musicians!

1. Inactin
2. Alu
3. Ekim
4. Fall
5. Groovy Desert
6. Lato