On Playing The Harp – Book


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An organized and comprehensive approach to the multifaceted art of playing the harp, this A-to-Z collection of ideas, information, and exercises is designed to be useful to harpists of all levels.

  • Twenty-two chapters of in-depth discussion on topics ranging from technique, practicing, memorization, and performance to tuning, history, mechanics, harpistic notation, and contemporary effects.
  • More than fifty pages of targeted exercises on the major elements of harp technique with step-by-step instructions and practice suggestions.
  • Over twenty detailed photo illustrations on hand position.
  • Comprehensive warm-up routines in three graded levels for beginning, intermediate, and advanced/professional harpists.
  • A guide to beneficial stretches for harpists and a chapter devoted to discussion of hand and body care that features an interview with one of the world’s leading specialists in arts medicine.

No aspect of harp playing is left unturned . . . this exceptional treatise will be useful to harpists of varying levels and methods. – American String Teacher Magazine

This publication fills a void in our resources . . . how fortunate we are that Kondonassis recognized this need and the end result is this thoughtful and inspiring book. – The Harp Column Magazine