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About the movie……..Based on the personal memoirs of Augusten Burroughs, “Running with Scissors” is a dark, black comedy of surviving a most unusual childhood. Augusten’s mother is a deluded aspiring poet with bipolar disorder whose marriage to his father is in ruins. She is soon seeing a very eccentric therapist named Dr. Finch. The son, Augusten is left in the care of Finch’s wacky family, including his tightly wound daughter. He is abandoned by his family and adopted by the Finches. Augusten finds a kindred spirit in the youngest daughter and motherly support from Finches long suffering wife Agnes.
And this is only the beginnig of the movie.

Al Stewart’s song, “Year of the Cat” is played in a most bizarre scene.
Only one of two movies featuring Al Stewart songs, the other is “Green Card Fever”.

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Released in 2002