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A collection of Demos and Outtakes. Originally released as a fan based CD only, this has become one of the most sought after CDs in the Al Stewart catalogue. Several of the songs from this original collection went on to be included on a number of the “Collector’s Choice” reissues.

Songs include the following :

1. Where Are They Now – original demo recorded in Peter White’s garage.
2. Fields of France – With Dave Camp on flute.
3. Soho (needless to say) – Recorded in Peter Wood’s apartment in NYC.
4. In Red Square – Alternate lyric to “The One That Got Away”, from Russians and
5. A Sense of Deja Vu – From around 1974 with an unfinished lyric.
6. How Does It Happen – very unreleased.
7. The Coldest Winter In Memory – Recorded for the follow up to “Last Days of the Century”
and sent into limbo when Enigma ceased to exist.
8. Candy Came Back – A Shot In The Dark backing track with alternate lyrics.
9. Jackdaw – A demo for the “24 PCarrots” album.
10. The Bear Farmers Of Birnam – This is a live version from Paris in 1984. This song never
came out of the studio as a finished song.
11. In The Dark – From the mid 80’s …”newly painted fences chip…”
12. Blow Your Mansion Down – A piano riff with lyrics improvised on the spot.
13. Willie the King – An outtake from “Modern Times”. Produced by Alan Parsons.
14. Merry Monks – Lawrence Juber and Al sitting around a mike in Lawrence’s studio. Al
meant to write more verses for this but stopped when he realized it didn’t fit on
“Between the Wars”. Unreleased track.
15. Ghostly Horses of the Plains – with short vocal. Original demo with vocal.
16. Mixed Blessing – Another Peter White garage song. Unreleased track.