Year of the Cat / On the Border – 2 CD Set


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Two CD set import from England. “The Year of the Cat” was the million selling album that established Al Stewart as one of the preeminent folk rock artists of the world. When it was released in the autumn of 1976 its world wide success soon confirmed super star status on a writer who had only recently broken free from the ranks of being a cult artist. It was this album, “The Year of the Cat”, that took Al to the top of the American charts and earned him a reputation that, forty years after the album’s original release remains in tact. This remastered CD from 2001 includes the following bonus tracks, an excellent version of “On the Border” (live), a left over song from the YOC sessions entitled, “Belsize Blues”, and a track where Al discusses the songs from the “Year of the Cat” album.

The second CD, “On the Border” is a most unusual collection of songs ever assembled for an Al Stewart CD. Songs such as “Three Mules”, “Betty Boops Birthday”, “Pandora”, coupled with a number of classic Al gems such as “On the Border”, “Flying Sorcery”, “Clifton in the Rain”, “Night Train to Munich”, “You should have listened to Al”… Attempting to cover a vast musical career in music on one CD, an impossible feat, we believe.