The heart of the IES system is an easy-to-use and attractive merchandising page that is custom designed to match the look and feel of your website.

Provide us the music, artwork files, images and product descriptions of anything you’d like to sell through the IES PRODUCT SUBMISSION GATEWAY . The items you choose to sell can be physical, virtual or digital. If you need guidance, a client relations specialist can offer a variety of ideas and recommendations to assist you in providing your fans with the ultimate experience.

IES will manage the warehousing and shipping of your products. The arrangement is simple. We’ll agree on an optimal quantity of physical products to keep in stock. Enter these quantities in the IES Product Submission Gateway and you’ll receive email alerts when quantities are getting low. Once your merchandise is received, you can begin selling worldwide. We ship globally six days a week from our warehouse located in Northeast Ohio and provide your customers with a variety of shipping options.

We’ll build a store that is graphically designed to look like the website you choose. If your organization represents multiple artists and wants to establish a store for each, we can link your various stores. The shopping cart will remain consistent for all the artists you represent.

Once the sales traffic begins on your store, you can analyze your sales 24/7 through the  IES Client Console and IES will deposit the funds directly into your bank account each month via an ACH wire transfer (no fees). Stores realizing more than $500.00 in weekly net sales will receive payments weekly.

IES will provide you access to the administration back end of your database of fans and customers, enabling you to market to them directly.

There are no monthly or annual fees required to maintain your store or warehouse your inventory – only the one-time set-up fee. Contact us toll free at 877.730.9660 or via email by clicking here. Your only requirement is the uploading of your product information through our IES PRODUCT SUBMISSION GATEWAY. We provide the encoding of your digital files to sell and offer your fans as samples for your customers to hear or view.  Our customer service team will work with you to get new items online, arrange quick price changes, coupon codes, discounts, new bundles or special pricing when necessary.

You set all the pricing for all of your products, and your customers can shop in any currency.

Leave the logistics to us. We’ll handle all payment transactions, fulfillment, and customer relations though our toll free customer service center or online customer support “chat” function.

IES enables you to be competitive and make the highest profit margin of any online store. You are the artist. You are the brand. As such, your site should be the first and only stop for your fans. Why direct them to make purchases at an online store that will only generate a royalty for the selling of your own product and build their database with our fans? Take control, and start building your own community of fans and repeat customers. This is the future of art and commerce. Protect your art and protect your future!

Easy-To-Read Reports, With The Ability To Select Which Fields Are Exported (Address, Zip Code, Phone Number, Country, E Mail Address, Etc.)

  • A Fully Customizable Storefront
  • Accept American Exress, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, PayPal & Debit Cards
  • Capture The Complete Customer Data To Market To These Fans In The Future
  • Gift Certificates And Soft Goods Module
  • Customer Discounts Based On Number Of Items Ordered (Quantity Discounts)
  • Recommendations In The Checkout Areas: “Customers Who Bought Item X Also Bought These Products”
  • Discount/Coupon Codes
  • Individual Product Or Store Discounts
  • Module For Full Product Descriptions With HTML And Product Summaries
  • Recommended Products
  • Tell-A-Friend Feature
  • Create “Buy X Get Y Free” Discounts
  • A “My Account” Space That Allows Your Customer To View Previous Orders, Status And Shipping Tracking Information
  • Share Your Products Through More Than 300 Social Media Outlets
  • “Saved Cart” Feature Allows Customers To Save Multiple Carts So They Can Purchase Items Later
  • Real-Time Shipping Quotes From UPS, USPS, Canada Post and FedEx.
  • Notification To Customer When Order Is Shipped
  • Multi-Language And Multi-Currency Function
  • Both Detailed And Summary Descriptions By Product
  • Inventory Alerts If Quantity Drops Below Pre-Determined Levels
  • Sell Any Type Of Digital Files
  • Free Warehousing
  • Facebook Store
  • Multiple Pricing Levels
  • Ticket Sales To Events, Dinners, Meet-And-Greets, Etc. Separate Email Delivery From Standard Payment Confirmation
  • Discounts For Fans Who Bring In New Fans
  • Online Customer Chat Support And Toll Free Support

Much, Much More!!!

IES Offers The Most Robust Entertainment E-Commerce System Available Today!