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Finally Friday expresses the communal feeling of relief attained by the passage of a trying time and the arrival into a period of repose. This feeling of short-term survival is most often felt at the conclusion of the work week or end of a stressful time. However, for the musician, Friday not only means the completion of the weekdays, but time to hit the stage and experience the release of artistic creation. The anticipation of such an opportunity to not only express but to provide sonic soul food for others is immense. The artist simultaneously gives and receives. That moment of euphoria is Finally Friday. On his new album, Finally Friday, Jason Kush offers eight new compositions. Out March 3, 2023 via Pittsburgh’s own MCG Jazz label, the album features the stellar rhythm section of pianist Alton Merrell, bassist Jeff Grubbs and drummer David Glover. MCG Jazz is an ideal home for Finally Friday, through its dedication to supporting Pittsburgh resident musicians, strengthening the long time Pittsburgh jazz community and contributing to the overall cultural and artistic diversity of the region. Through our live recordings we reach a national and international audience.