Jay Ashby and Steve Davis – Mistaken Identity CD


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A New York Yankees fan and a Boston Red Sox fan make an odd couple on the bandstand. How do you get them to play nicely with others and how do you deal with the issue of two virtuoso jazz trombonists who are often mistaken for each other, even causing fellow jazz musicians to do the occasional double take? The answer to this little dilemma might find Jay Ashby and Steve Davis collaborating in a musical setting where one would be for the other, or one for all. That’s what you’ll hear on this CD, where orchestral tone, effortless three octave range, and gorgeous legato lines with saxophone-like speed are the standard on this most difficult of instruments. As an example, check out the stablemates on the smoking tootin’ for Toots. These two musicians have advanced the jazz trombone far into the 21st Century.

Special kudos to the dynamite rhythm sections on this CD! The impeccable drumming of Roger Humphries and Tom Wendt drive these tunes with both energy and control. Sparkling piano from David Bryant and stellar guitar work from Marty Ashby beautifully complement these tenor horns. Bassists Dwayne Dolphin and Brian Stahurski provide nonpareil foundations for this hour of swinging jazz. Enjoy! — Dr. David Beaudreau

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