Signal Hill Alumni Choir – 30th Anniversary 2 CD Set


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                    THE SIGNAL HILL ALUMNI CHOIR

Founded in 1984, the Signal Hill Alumni Choir (SHAC) of Tobago is now deemed a cultural institution and icon of Trinidad and Tobago. SHAC evolved from the Signal Hill Senior Comprehensive School Folk Choir, which dominated the Folk Category of the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival in 1982 and emerged as undisputed National Junior Folk Champions.

SHAC performs in the folk style, but the repertoire varies, as well as the genres. They sing and perform Caribbean Folk, World Music, African Folk, Gospel, Reggae, Christmas, Calypso and Soca. They perform in what many may describe as a’ Folk Operatic’ style as they move to every song with well-choreographed steps, which enhances each performance.

The magic of Signal Hill Alumni is to see them as well as hear them. They sing intricate and unique arrangements, with great harmonies, punctuated with dynamic, energetic moves that leave audiences spellbound.

All selections were recorded on Sunday October 26th, the second evening of Signal Hill Alumni Choir’s 30th Anniversary concert at The Auditorium of The central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.