The Lydians – Two Choirs, One Offering CD


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                                                                                                       The Lydian Men

Under the direction of the late Dr. Patricia Allison Bishop, the Lydian Male choir has achieved a legacy of success at the National Music Festival of Trinidad and Tobago. Both in 1999 and in 2002 the Lydian Men were adjudged the Best Adult Choir over 20 voices and later on, the ‘Most Outstanding Choir’ at the 2004 Music Festival.

The Lydian male quartet has also become famous for its four-part harmony rendition of the Trinidad and Tobago national anthem, which starts almost every choir performance. The anthem is arranged by Edward Cumberbatch who is by far the most accomplished of the Lydian male soloists having successfully done two solo recitals, won nine trophies at the 1990 Music festival and won the Over 25 Recital Class at the 1997 International South African Eistedfod.

Other outstanding members of the chorus include Andre Alexander, David Williams, Michael Zepherine, Randal Robinson and Dirk Govia. The Lydian Male voice choir has set the national standard for male choral work and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Showcasing the ensemble, tracks 1-6 were recorded on Sunday October 26th, the second evening of Signal Hill Alumni Choir’s 30th Anniversary concert at The Auditorium of The central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. The others are from a previous performance by all The Lydians.