Video Production

works closely with artists, directors and producers to create high-impact music videos, corporate videos and EPK’s to match their attitude, image and creative vision. Our team can bring take your project from idea to delivery by creating an original concept and selecting the right locations, acting talent, background performers, and production design elements. What’s more, our production crews are tight and our gear very mobile, meaning we can go to a location and grab a shot within minutes with very little set-up, then move quickly to the next shot. In this way, any area in an entire city could conceivably be used as a set.

High Definition

The cost of filming in High Definition continues to decrease as technology advances. This means that there is little excuse to shoot any other way. IES is fully equipped with a complete line of professional HD gear. Images are incredibly detailed and rich, and the all-digital format means that editing is much more rapid than traditional film without sacrificing that highly sought-after cinematic look.

High Definition also translates well into web broadcasting applications. Popular video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo now accept High Definition videos that look nearly as good on a  omputer monitor as a TV screen. Getting your music video produced in HD means it will look the best across all outlets, from broadcast television to web browsers.

Production Support

On occasion, a production has the creative team and gear in place, but needs help putting it all together to get a finished product. In this case, IES can lend its expertise. We can provide dependable production support on-set via trained camera operators, gaffers, grips, editors, authors and audio technicians.

Once the locations are wrapped, we can also support your production with professional digital video and audio editing, color correction, and more. We have several high-end Macintosh editing systems and use Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Suite—leaders in post-production and audio editing tools.

When planning your next music video production, EPK or corporate video, please call for a free consultation with IES. Our team has produced, directed, edited and authored several commercial
DVD releases by high-profile international artists.