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Two classic Al Stewart album’s on one disc.Remastered,limited pressings. The “Year of the Cat” album established Al Stewart as one of the pre-eminent folk rock artists in the world with this multi-million selling album . Released in the autumn of 1976 this album soon confirmed superstar status on the artist Al Stewart. Produced by Alan Parsons, who would also produce “Modern Times” previously as well as ” Past , Present and Future”.

“Modern Times”, the second album included in this collection.
Al’s initial foray into Historical Folk Rock with the album “Past, Present and Future”, Al changes his approach to songwriting from personnal romantic folkie songs filled with angst, to world historian narratives based on famous people and great events in history.
With “Modern Times”, Al’s sixth album, he continues with the Historical Folk Rock,with numerous influences along the way, taking PPF to another level.
Included here is the Masterpiece song “Modern Times”. Songs such as “Apple Cider Re-Constitution”, :Carol” are still regularly inserted into current set lists.
Released in Feb. of 1975, this was the precursor to what was about to come the following year.

A bargain for two of Al Stewart’s greatest albums. One CD, two great albums.

Including lyrics for both albums.

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